White Collar Characters: Criminals

The Dutchman

The Dutchman is introduced in the Pilot. He is a criminal that eluded Peter Burke for three years. His real name is Curtis Hagan. Curtis Hagan is one of the best art restorers in the world. He attempted to forge a career as an artist, but his own work never took off. He's best at Goya restorations. He was caught forging Spanish Victory Bonds in a warehouse by the docks that he owned through a shell corporation in Guatemala.



Ghovat is seen in Threads. His name means "ghost." Ghovat was a name used by Zidel Hazeva. He is an Israeli counterfeiter. He is suspected in the counterfeiting of treasury bonds and dollars and is rumored to be the first person to crack the microprinting on the euro. He was caught trying to import the holographic code of the latest European currency seal into the United States by transporting it on a security tag of a couture dress.



Burrelli is seen in Book of Hours. He is a known mobster that used to run a bookmaking operation at Masso's club. His nephew, Paul Ignazio, was his number two until he was shot by Maria Fiametta.

He is Catholic and attends church regularly. He is also an avid dog-lover. He has at least two pugs, which suffer from diabetes.

Maria Fiametta

Maria Fiametta

Maria Fiametta is seen in Book of Hours. She was an art historian and a professor at Brookly State. She wrote a book about the black market, Sicilian grave robbers, Egyptian smugglers, and Siberian mobsters. She's never been married because of her devotion to her work. devoted to her work. She claims she was chased by the Carabinieri, drug cartels in Bogota. She admits to murdering her accomplice Paul Ignazio and is caught with the stolen Healing Bible in her posession.


Maria Fiametta

Tulane is seen in Free Fall.

>Matthew Keller

Matthew Keller is introduced in Bottlenecked. He is a longtime rival of Neal Caffrey's. Keller stole antique cork duck decoys, wax sealed supply list, and French soil samples from the American Museum of Natural History. He framed Manuel Campos for the theft. Neal and Keller met at the Grand Casino and worked the world backgammon finals in Monaco. They also played a game of Chess that they never finished. They made a bet about who could forge a bottle of Château Du Munn wine given to Ben Franklin. They were also rivals for Kate's affections. Kate and Keller may have have some type of romantic past. It is suggested that Neal took her away from Keller or that Keller tried to take her away from Neal. (WC111)

Ryan Wilkes

Ryan Wilkes is introduced in Front Man. He has been linked to grand theft auto to extortion. He likes to use Plasticine clay to forge keys to use in locks when breaking in. He also uses items found at the site rather than bringing his own.